Property Search & Acquisition


London Prime offer real estate brokerage services for high net worth clients, family funds and private equity investors looking for investment or development opportunities in Central London and the South East. We are regularly introduced to off-market property opportunities through our Preferred Network of discreet agents, private bankers and boutique law firms, who trust us to uphold their confidentiality and expect us to only introduce the right party for the right opportunity.

We will never disclose information until we are convinced that both the vendor and purchaser are willing and able to exchange and complete. Property transactions are heavily time-weighted, which means that 'deliverability' is sacrosanct and we aim to ensure that all parties in our Preferred Network, understand and abide by this crucial principle.

Our agency business has been built on a foundation of collective sincerity between our clients and partners, and we protect this goodwill by being remorselessly stringent and dedicated to each task in the sale process. We don't expect your trust, we earn it - saving time, reducing costs and justifying our fee.

At London Prime, we understand the advantages of having property as part of a diversified portfolio but we also realise that the disadvantages can weigh heavily on strategic decision making. Our aim is simply to minimise any external risks so that our clients can assess, analyse and act on the information we provide.


Client Objectives

To understand a client's property requirements, we find it advantageous to know a little bit more about our clients than what we can find out from a website or marketing materials, so we will always request a face-to-face meeting with any prospective client to discuss their requirements. This will enable us to comprehensively eliminate, and ultimately 'cherry-pick', the requisite opportunities that match each client's individual search criteria. By understanding a client's strategic requirements we can better focus our search and most importantly, not waste anyone's time.

Upon written instruction, we want our clients to know that we take their requirements as seriously as we take our own. So if there's nothing out there that's suitable, we'll wait until something that is appropriate becomes available. Until the right opportunity arises, we endeavour to keep our clients informed and abreast of market movements, economic conditions and other factors we consider to impact upon the value of property in the UK.

Our overall objective is to assess the following property requirement criteria:

  1. 1. Projected search timeframe
  2. 2. Asset Class (commercial; residential; industrial; leisure; mixed use)
  3. 3. Lot Size
  4. 4. Strategic Goals (yield vs capital value)
  5. 5. Other individual priorities that we can identify


Every partner in our Preferred Network is carefully vetted and chosen for their professionalism and integrity. We only wish to work with people who understand and abide by the same code of conduct we stand for. This means that we can provide our clients with surety that the mechanics of any deal is as well-oiled as possible. We also try to guarantee that the number of intermediaries between the vendor and the purchaser are kept to a minimum, eliminating unnecessary links in the chain.

In addition, London Prime is an international partner of TCP Brokerage (, an international network of brokers and intermediaries providing exclusive off market real estate opportunities from New York to Hong Kong. We represent London and the rest of the UK to all clients on the TCP network.

For further information on our current off market opportunities or if you wish to sell to our established buyers network, please contact:

James Peck